Updating the month Project for July 2015

We want to thank everyone who has helped month project, both dampers promote the mission car has been replaced.

Evangelist Muliika Emmanuel Fred traveled with missionary team: Kakulu Richard, Lydia and Barak to Kabuswere Mbarara in western Uganda in week 30 in 2015. They preached the Word of God and taught them the biblical truths.

Muliika says:

“This is a place where there is much witchdoctors, and what is normal is that people go to them when they are sick or need rain. They bring with them money, a goat and a bull. These witch doctors asking when the demons of giving rain to this area. When I came to this place had it not rained for eight months.

When I walked up to the pulpit I called upon Jesus’ mighty name, and I invoked the Blood of Jesus over the place. I commanded the prince of darkness to remove his hands from this place in Jesus’ mighty name. 30 minutes afterwards flows rained from the sky.

2 som blir helbredet 2015 juli

Many people came to be saved, we prayed for many sick among others an elderly lady. This lady was blind for 4 years ago and has since had to use a cane when she should move. This woman was completely healed and got the sight back then Muliika prayed to God for her. There was also a man who had lost his hearing in one ear, hearing was restored, and he hears equally well in both ears.

2 being healed 2015 July

God’s presence was so strong in this area, Jesus Christ took authority over this whole area. Thank you for your prayers and support.

There are many more places and people that we want to reach with the gospel. We need more resources so we can reach out to Uganda, Africa, Europe, America and the rest of the world. Pray for us, we need land to build a school, hospital, house / home for street children, orphans and widows.

You can find more information on this website about what we do.