Today 24.7.2021 70 people who accepted Jesus christ in Matete, have received English and Luganda Bibles. We thank God for the support. More people need Bibles for spiritual growth.

Many People have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior, and many have received bibles.

When I was praying for the sick, God spoke to me and told me to remove my shoes. I was instructed to give them to a demon possessed man, the moment this man put the shoes on his feet, demons started come out of him.

God’s presence came so strong, fire from God and much light came from heaven and touched the ground and many people was set free from depression and evil spirits. many people were healed.


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An old woman of 80 years has prayed for 5 years to get a bible. We gave out 20 bibles on this mission, and this lady was one of the 20 who got a new bible

God answered her prayers, now she is so happy for this prayer answer

Evangelist Muliika and his team memeber getting bibles out of the car that they were going to give out to people.

We have got testimonies that people are healed when they get the Bible into the house

I and my team went in western part(rwakitura) and southwest (birongo) of Uganda with the word of God. It was a two day mission from Saturday to sunday. In this mission, many souls received Jesus christ as their personal savior.

We gave out bibles to those who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior, and many others got a bible each. We gave out bibles in Ankole, Luganda and in English language.

Many repented from their backslide and came back to the Lord. We also experienced many healings, like the old lady with a big tumor who got a anointed piece of cloth and layed on the tumor, next day she testified that the tumor was completely gone. We give God all the glory for these great miracles

May the lord God bless you all and if you can, please stand with us in this bible ministry as we help the church of Christ with bibles and the new converts.

We are in the end times, soon Jesus is coming back and we really request you to rise up and do what God assigned you to do. God bless you so much.

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