This is Nabyewanga church, Nakatte is pastor of this church.

We need to fix many things with this church. We estimate to fix it all will cost $ 1,300. I've made a list of what they need

  • Cement
  • Sand to be mixed with cement
  • Iron Rods
  • Iron Sheets


This is another church called Can Buganga Worship centre led by pastor Kasilye.

Because of heavy rain and wind, this structure has fallen down three times. So we need a stronger structure, and need to use bricks.

This is hardworking people. The church members have made 15000 bricks which are available now and now they need help to buy

  • Cement
  • Sand to mix with the cement
  • Iron sheets to roof
  • Iron bars

They needs 4000 dollars to build all structure. it is also needs of chairs or benches for many people sit down.