Evangelist Muliika Emmanuel Fred says.

This month has God blessed in a special way, there are so many widows with children who have been helped. We have created 3 videos that deal with August month project. We give God all the glory for all who have been helped this month

“For a short time ago, I met a widow Namukasa Jane, who had traveled fifty kilometers to see me. She fell weeping down at my feet and explained how hard she had it.

• Both she and her three children have HIV AIDS
• Her husband died in July 2015
• They lacked food and money to rent

I prayed with her and she accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, Furthermore, we asked God to help her.
Thursday, August 27, I visited her, I had with me a new Bible, rice, bread, books and pencils. I also gave her some money to buy other things that they need

We thank God and all those who have participated in this month’s project, many widows have been helped and many children have been happy. We look forward to continuing on the same track in the future. “