Project of the month July 2015

  1. New shock absorbers promoting the mission car
  2. Mission trip to Western Uganda
  3. Help evangelist Kakulu Richard to start a small enterprise.


The month project of july 2015

Evangelist Muliika traveled on a mission trip to Luweero northwest Uganda. He was invited to speak at a leadership conference. He says that many were healed of diseases and delivered from evil forces. There were several who repent and return to God.

It was very bad roads, until the place where the conference was held. The dampers promote the mission car is now so bad that they need to be replaced.

Muliika going on outreach trip to western Uganda. This is a church he visited before, it would be nice to be able to buy Bibles and give out free to the people.


We want to help evangelist Kakulu Richard, who is with Jesus In Friends team Muliika in Uganda. He has been married for 27 years and have two children, he burns to preach the gospel and Muliika says he has been a great support in the five years they have collaborated on numerous projects browse street children project and helping widows. Muliika says he is a responsive, gentle, humble and faithful servant of God. He spends a lot of time to evangelize and share the word of God with others.

Richard Kakulu

We want to help Richard to start a small enterprise. This is something that will make it easier for his family, when he is out on missionary trips. It is to buy coal, bananas, and other bulk and divide up and sell in smaller portions for a small profit.

When he is out on missionary travel to his wife and children help to drive the enterprise. He will also need a bicycle to transport goods with. This is something Richard has asked the Lord for a long time, we can together help to realize this dream for Richard.

For those who want to support the project of the month it is possible to send a donation to Jesus Friends. You find information under Donations

It is something we appreciate, praying for us and these projects means a lot to