The street children project 2015 in Kampala Uganda

This month’s project for December, we cooperate with Jesus friends in Norway on a prosjet we have called Street Children Project in Kampala in 2015.

The December 23, 2015, there will be a party for street children in Kampala in Uganda. We want to give them food, soft drinks, Bibles, and clothing. We expect even more people than last year, 1,100 people were served food and drinks and over 300 people invited Jesus into their lives.

Many of these street kids looking through the trash for others to find something to eat. Hunger is great and they take drugs and sniff glue to forget their troubles, imagine how difficult it must be for these kids.

They all look forward to this celebration, a day where they can eat properly fed, and together with others celebrate that Jesus was born, He who is the world’s savior.

I’ve made a video, with a summary of some of the earlier projects.

Support of the mission work

We are so thankful to God for all those who is supporting this mission work in Uganda. With God’s help and your prayers and financial support, we can help many more people who are suffering. In our hearts there is a fire to serve the Lord, and to see many more souls being saved.

I will invite you to be a part of this great work, stand with us in prayer. If you can contribute financially we insure you that we will use the money correct.


  • Name of our bank: BARCLAYS BANK OF UGANDA LTD
  • Address of our bank: PLOT 16 KAMPALA ROAD, P.O.BOX 2971, KAMPALA, UGANDA
  • Swift code of our bank: BARCUGKX
  • My bank account name: MULIIKA EMMANUEL FRED
  • Our Bank Account Number: 0285001196


Evangelist Muliika Emmanuel Fred. P.O.BOX 3229 KAMPALA UGANDA EAST AFRICA

If you are from Scandinavia and want to give a gift to this project, you can give a gift to Jesus friends their account number 0539.36.37031