Prosperity is not driving a Mercedes and having a swimming pool in your back yard. Prosperity is successfully fulfilling the purpose of God. The two people I think of are Joshua and Paul. God said to him [Joshua], “Then you shall make your way prosperous, then you shall have good success.” Joshua did not enter the Promised Land like some of us on a tour in an air-conditioned bus. He was a soldier. He marched. He spent nights in the open air. His life was in danger. But his way was prosperous because he achieved the task God assigned to him. That is prosperity. Prosperity is successfully accomplishing what God has assigned to you to do. And usually there is a lot of opposition, and difficulty, and danger. And that’s not going to cease. If anything, it’s going to increase. The world is not getting to be a nicer place. It’s getting nastier and nastier day by day.