Dear friends and servants of God.

The 4th of June 2015 i went together with other team members to meet the street children at a place called clock tower Kampala City.

We told them about Gods love for them and that Jesus loves them and cares for them. After we had shared the word of God with them , we gave out 98 sandals to these poor suffering children. They have never had a chance to put a shoe or a sandal on their feet before. When they saw the big bags filled with sandals they shouted of joy and thanked God for this great miracle.

Sadly 52 children didnt get any sandal because it was not enough for all, and they cried alot. Muliika comforted them and said they would get sandals the next time, when more money come in they shall also get a pair of sandals each

One of the problems of going without shoes is that it can cause infections in their feet, and small insects can lay egg in the wounds, and create maggots, swelling and puss in their feet and their legs. and in some cases when sharp objects have rust can this cause tetanus, many children have lost their lives because of this. So a pair of sandals can actually save a childrens life.

Many of these street children can go for a month before they are being washed, they lack soap and clean water, and many suffer alot. They sleep on the street without any blanket, some are naked because they lack clothes, they find food that is bad in the garbage and many get food poisoning because they eat spoiled food. They lack shelter, and some children are also abused by evil people.

We need to be there for them and show them love, and tell them they are costly for God, and do what we can to help them to get a better life. Please help a child of Uganda and stand together with us as God lead you.

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