Yesterday, me and my team met 10 widows and so many poor children in Kyeya, Namwendwa, Kamuli district. We received support from FamilyRestoration Church led by pastor David Murillo and Mercedes Murillo. Widows got sugar and bread. Orphans, street children and poor children got drinks and shoes. We as the team had to first preach to these widows and the poor children and they all accepted Jesus Christ as the lord and saviour.
We only gave out 250 pairs of shoes, and yet the total number of the children was 450 children, we were not able to give a pair of shoes to everyone. But those who got a pair was so happy. So many children don’t go to school because of lack of school fees, they have jiggers in their feet, and nails in their feet because they have no shoes.

We encouraged them and prayed for them all. We kindly request you for support towards the African children, the main aim is to see a child changed in the Christ like image and character, and the children are the hope of this nation Uganda and Africa at large.
We welcome any support like wisdom, prayers, funds and any help. We also welcome you to come to Uganda and see and join us in doing the great work. God bless you all.

We kindly request for support for on 23, December,2017 we are meeting street children, orphans and widows in Kampala city. We expect to meet 3000 children. God bless you as you support.