“Evangelist muliika is showing the love of Jesus Christ to the street children, he is lifting a two year old young boy. The boy has dirty clothes, and are smelling, but Muliika shows him love and he gave out bread and soda to all the children on the image”

Evangelist muliika went to meet some of the street children that lives in a place in the city called clock towers in Kampala. We spoke with them about the reason why God loves them so much and how God created them in the image of God. Thirty-four people received Jesus as the savior by confessing with their mouth.
We shared soda drinks and bread with them as a token of love to them. They were so happy and they glorified God.
I kindly ask anyone who are able to help us to reach out to some poor children who are suffering on the streets. Widows and street children who are in need of clothes, shoes, shelter, education, and bibles

“A child in need of clothes, an orphan who is suffering on the street”