A few words about the party

Steet children project 2018

There were many children who were given food and drink, in total there were around 3,200 people who received food. The joy was great and they danced and were happy. 

It was handed out clothes, mosquito nets and sanitary matters to women. It was also distributed shoes and soap too.

Muliika told there were over 300 people who wanted to be saved, and they prayed for them.They will be followed up on, some local churches where they live.

The Police did a good job in keeping the area safe. Evangelist Muliika Emmanuel Fred, had with him over 20 team members, we thank them for the great job they did. We want to thank all who gave glothes and shoes and other things. Most of all we thank God, that gave power, wisdom, grace and fonds to make this happen.
Glory Be to God!