God bless you friend, please pray for the 50 children who do not have parents, come from the streets and now they are under the education program. These 50 children are divided into 4 schools, some are in kindergarten and others in the main body. Every year we have 3 education terms or semesters, and the last semester is for promotion from one class to another. Most of them passed or were promoted to the next classes.
This year we have the same and the first semester or semester begins 4th / February / 2019,
Here are some of the prayer requests we have.
We need school fees for all these children
We need scholarships such as books, pens, pencils, uniforms, sweaters, shoes, geometry sets, rulers, colors and toilet paper.
As God leads you, ask for that and if you can send your support when we make the future of these children bright in the name of Jesus. You can write to us to collect help.