Here you can watch some videos of the month project of November 2016

In the evening today 28/nov/2016, we also travelled to gayaza and met a widow called fredristar kigozi, who received support from anonymous donor two weeks back through Jessica Robinson to start a poultry farm, when she got the money, she made a booking in ugachick company and she was given two weeks to get 100 chicks.
Three days back she started the poultry farm and she is so happy for the support now she has hope to pay school fees, and feed her family through this farm. Thank you for the support.


we were able to visit two widows called esther and florence in the morning, and another one in the evening. we got support from the anonymous donor through Jessica Robinson and another person who doesnot want her name to be mentioned.
We were able to give widow esther money to treat her child, you see in the photo she is lifting, and she promise to take him for check up to the doctor tomorrow. She was so happy and gave thanks to God for the support to his child.
Then we had to go to widow florence, we gave her two new blankets, one for her daughter and another one is for hers, a new mobile phone having a radio and on it. Gave her money to help her treat the daughter having skin rush and also paid one month house rent for her. She cried so much when She saw these gifts from people God touched to help her. To many smiles, and even tears. God really has a good plan for widows and all mankind. We spoke to the landlord and she said she will not send her out of the house after we met this widow. We give glory to God for all is doing for these widows. Keep that heart of giving, more of the hearts of widows, orphans and street children will change. God will reward you and you children. I will post a video soon for this widow florence.