Evangelist Muliika visited a widow called Esther 10.08.2013 

Am so happy for this successful mission l went too when l visited the widow called Esther with 10 children, l brought food e.g., a big bunch of banana, rice, maize flour, milk, vegetables, meat/beef, soap, salt, coffee, hen/chicken . When l reached this whole family of the widow cried with tears of joy thanking God for what he has done for them. The truth is me too l cried for l was so merciful and started thinking of how God helps those suffering. Really God is the husband of widows. children had not eaten anything for two days and each child was asking the mother food, Sharon the daughter of the widow who spoke with axel, asked the mother two days back that why did God curse them to this extent of no food at home. Today when they saw me coming in, they rejoiced and one child said, God has remembered us. Neighbors started saying Esther your God is a saving God. One drunkard man said yes glory to the God of this widow for he has made her laugh. Then l shared with them the love of Jesus Christ, gave her the money to use in buying clothes for her children, pay house rent and start a business to sustain her family. axel called me and he spoke with Sharon one the daughters of this widow wearing pick, then she gave the phone to the widow, axel did his work of a pastor of encouraging her and he prayed for her and the family with evangelist muliika Emmanuel Fred but through the mobile phone but all in faith as we thanked God for helping this family. This widow thanked all Jesus friends in Norway and she has said she will always put you all in her prayers for you all have obeyed God and showed love to her and her family. Glory to God