Evangelist Muliika Emmanuel Fred and his wife Josephine, traveled with 5 others in teams, to hold a party for children in Northern Uganda. They started early in the morning of December 20 and drove for 8 hours and reached the Lamwo District.

The next day, December 21, they held a big party for the kids there. It was estimated that there would be approx. 200 children, but almost double appeared. They heard the Christmas carols being played at large speaker and more children came running to join the party. Everything was well organized, and the party went very well. Muliika said that there must have been a blessing from God over the food because there was enough food for almost double what was intended. There was more food left in the pan afterwards.

There was support from America, Norway and other places and the children received gifts. School supplies, books, shoes, clothes, food, drink, and cake were distributed. Muliika agreed to support 10 children there with schooling as a good start.

Friends of Jesus would like to thank everyone who has contributed with gifts and prayers for this project, you have helped to make many children happy. They heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and many raised their hands and wanted to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour in their lives. They will be followed up and given the opportunity to learn more about the word of God. Muliika said that next year we want to bring many Bibles to distribute to them.

In addition to this, there are a lot of widows with children who receive monetary gifts, so that they can buy some food now for Christmas.

We thank God for his grace, which allows us to have such a party, we wish everyone is properly peaceful and blessed Christmas.